Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bragging & voting

Yes, I DO have to brag about my test results so far!

Geography = PwHH
Social studies = PwHH
Programming = PwHH
Database = PwHH
Mathematics = P (barely)

Four PwHH out of five. Yay, I'm proud of myself! Let's just hope this trend continues up to final exams.

I read over at ABB's blog that St Louis was the most violent city in the US. That's sad. It also made me wonder why policechiefs and sheriffs in the US are elected, just like politicians. Why not let professionals do the job instead? If high ranking police officers have to take political considerations, isn't that a threat to democracy? I mean, if a sheriff finds out that one of the persons backing up his campaign has commited a crime, will he take action against that person, considering it might cost him his job?

In Sweden, only the head of the whole country's police organisation is nominated and then only by the government. Usually this person has a solid background in the judicial system.

Speaking of elections, why does one have to register to vote in the US? Doesn't almost everyone have a social security number and a means of identifying themselves? Reading about elections in the US gives the impression it's quite a hassle to do something as simple as to vote over there.

And how about electors? Why should people vote for a president if there's someone else who actually decides? As I understand it, electors usually vote as the people in the different states have voted but they don't have to. Why not let the peple decide for themselves and choose the president that actually got the peoples vote?

I guess there are reasons behind the system but so far I haven't heard any good ones. Someone want to explain?

The storm that hit us wasn't much of a storm but weather has changed dramatically in southern Sweden. We've had temperatures above 10 degrees C (50 F) every night since August up until last week, when the temperatures after the storm dropped to a couple of degrees above freezing. It doesn't sound all that dramatic but believe me, it's a big difference! Reports of all kinds of traffic problems are pouring in.

And to top it off, there's a snowstorm moving in on the mid-part of Sweden. That ought to be fun... Climate change, here we come.


Virginia Gal said...

POP - Congrad's on the passing, though I was not worried at all!
Sorry I've been awol, I just started B-school, which is so difficult!
As for American voting procedures, mad screwy and I officially hate the electorial college, it sucks! I vote in Virginia, and since the majority of Virginia goes for Republicans in national elections my vote doesn't count. It is broken. But of course the people who would fix it are also the same people who currently run it. I don't forsee any change.

Francesca said...

Yaaaayyyyy!!!!....Major congrats on the success in your courses....Been a while since I've checked a number of blogs, so am catching up....


Crystal-Lynn said...

C-Money here. Wassup pencil!

So, are you still gonna come and visit the Lou? It's not really as dangerous as that study makes it seem. Statistics can prove anything.

Anywho ... we're gonna have a family reunion sometime next year and you are totally invited.

About the vote and all in the U.S. -- the problem is nobody gives a shit and, therefore, their rights are slowly being taken away. They'll revolt when America's Top Model gets cancelled, unemployment hits the middle class or the bartenders go on strike. Americans are fat and happy ... so they don't much worry about the Electoral College, being denied the vote because of paperwork or much else. Until it messes up their access to an SUV, cancels the baseball season or has their son stuck in a foreign war theater.

So, anyway, wassup? When are you coming to America for a visit?

Kisses to all Swedes near you.


PissedOffPencil said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Virginia Gal: I knew you were at school. I've been sneeking around your blog from time to time... ;o)

Francesca: Where the hell have you been? I can't find your blog anymore!

C-Money: I would just love to come over and visit! Unfortunatly student subsidaries don't give much room for travelling extra-vaganza.

Haha, at this rate, Swedes will soon not only be happy and naive, we'll also catch up on the fat part. The past two years I've seen more SUV's in my little municipality than I've seen in my entire life.