Sunday, September 17, 2006

So be it...

The right-wingers won. Sad but true. And, way to late, the leader of the Social Democrats has announced that he's resigning. He should've done that four years ago. The Swedish people did not vote for the right-wingers, they voted against our dear Prime Minister. People have been fed up with his mansion, his way of bullying people around, his lame excuses when ministers have done wrong and so on.

Last time the right-wingers won it became the starting point of the biggest disaster in ordinary peoples economy. Hey, not even the stock market believed in them.

As of now, I'm pretty happy I don't own my home. I feel sorry for those who don't rent.


JoeinVegas said...

Doesn't that mean that rents and stuff will go up anyway? Why would it be bad for home owners and not renters - the building owners will pass on whatever happens to them to the renters anyway?

Shark-fu said...

Shit, P.O.P.!

All of my flee to countries are going right on me.


A bitch is drinking a vodka cran in your honor.