Friday, March 03, 2006

Good news & bad news

Bad news: King Winter is on the offensive again. To say that weather's been mixed the last week is an understatement. Last night's snowfall was about two inches.
Good news: Ms. Spring doesn't give up that easy. In between precipitation the sun shows itself and temparatures rise dramatically. Yesterday was such a day. Every other hour the snow fell and then the sun did it's best to melt it.

Bad news: Remember that mother of all colds I had a while back? Well, it's back with a vengeance.
Good news: My brain still works, sort of.

Bad news: I've done a lot of tests, especially in Swedish and Social studies.
Good news: I got "Passed with High Honours" on each and every one of them. I'm especially proud of the short story I had to do in Swedish class. Not only did it get the highest grade but the teacher also asked if she could copy it to use in her classes.

Bad news: I've been playing too much computer games, especially Need for Speed: Most Wanted.
Good news: I'm winning without cheating.

Bad news: My Nissan is buried in snow.
Good news: It's sold. The auction gave me about $140, which is about a hundred dollars more than I expected. The guy is fetching it next week.

Bad news: My DVD-burner gave up.
Good news: I found a new, better one, at retail price.

Bad news: I bought me a new DVD-burner because I thought the old one was broken. It showed there was something wrong with the no-name DVD's, not the burner.
Good news: Now I have two working DVD-burners.

And here's a Winter picture:

LittleAngel on her way to day-care center.


NeoCleo said...

I loooovvve the snowsuit! Brings back memories of me at 5 years old in North Dakota (ice box of the USA). I wonder if your daughter enjoys hers as much as I did mine(think whole body straight jacket). I guess it beats the heck out of freezing.

PissedOffPencil said...

Oh, we've got those for grown-ups too! Perfect for really cold weather. :) But they cost a fortune...