Thursday, March 16, 2006

Busy again

I'm busy as hell but I couldn't resist this test I found via Anbruch.

I thought it was quite fun to find out that I average in masculinity and have very high feminity. I wonder what they base that on? I mean, there were no questions that were directly gender-orientated, except the question which gender I was. Can't men be both open, trusting and have high grade of empathy without being feminine? I find that is quite an insult to both men and women.

I wonder what result I would have gotten if there had been questions like whether I preferred to be home with my kids or work 12 hour shifts. I would probably score as a "typical women"...

Actually, that test sucked since the creator has biased opinions about masculinity and femininity. Still, I can't resist them. :)


JoeinVegas said...

And the colors are pretty.

Littlemilk said...

I did it. Got 98 percent on masculinity and 34 on femininity (is that how you spell that?). Anway, I was disappointed, I just helped my mom shop for curtains. LOL

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know that a fan in the US misses your posts!

Camilla said...

A man should be an alfa-male..Not loving to take care of children and the house. A real man should drag his woman in to the cave in her long hair when he wants to forfill HIS needs and so on.. ;-)

A real man is like Mikael Persbrandt, thought you should know that by now..hehe..

Camilla said...

Would you get surprised if I told you that I scored 90% masculinity and 100% feminity..!! This proved what I have said for a long time, I am a genuin "schitzofren"..hehe..

PissedOffPencil said...

JoeinVegas: Yes, aren't they? However, one should never have pink, blue and green side by side. ;o)

Littlemilk: I actually don't know how to spell femininity, it's not in my dictionary. 98% masculinity? Geez, I must be more girly than I thought? lol

Actually I scored 90% more femininity than others who took the test and 46% masculinity. The most surprising score was that I scored 100% more openess than everybody that took the test... I wonder if that chart changes over time as more and more people take that test?

Anonymous: I miss my posts too but right now I'm really occupied by studying. Don't worry though, it's soon Easter and with that, a week off.

Camilla: Where the hell have you been???!!! I missed you! Didn't you get my SMS?

If I hadn't known you're kidding, I would drive all those hundreds of kilometres to your place, lay you across my knees and spank you. However, since I know you would just love that, I'm not going to do it. Either way, you get punished. ;o)

I'm not surprised by your score. You're both tough and caring, ie, you're more normal than I am.

And I really want to know everything that has happened to you ever since your last post. You almost gave me cardiac arrest!

Camilla said...

..haha..You are the best! Sometimes I wish you didn't know me THAT well, could be fun to see you drive all the way up here with the whip slapping over you head ;o)

Nops, did not get the SMS.. I have change phonenumber..otherwise you know I would have gotten back to you asp :)

Nothing much has happend, life goes on..been a bad though emotionally sonce Martin died, it brought up so much from the past that I needed to deal with. And I have been a bit sick, like everyone else too.. Time for that doctor visit tomorrow..plz keep your fingers crossed for me and my belly :)

I will e-mail you my new e-mail adress as well.. everything is new around here ..hehe..

And don't you go and get your self a heartattack, you know I always pop up sooner or later..and even if I die I will haunt you for ever ;-)