Sunday, January 15, 2006

Studying Sunday

Today I've been reading a lot: Social studies (two chapters about democracy and dictatorship), Swedish (the difference between spoken and written language), a little about web design and a couple of chapters in the book I'm going to do a paper on. All this reading made me sleepy so I took a short nap without RedHead noticing it...

Regarding Social studies, I realized I've been blessed with all of you blogger friends, who fuel much of my own interest. By reading your views on different topics, I can put much more nuance to my own views, which in turn shows that my teacher was right when he said that "one of the corner stones in democracy is the freedom of being able to take part of other peoples views so that you are able to make up your own opinions by hearing more than one side". You will probably read a lot about this specific topic on my blog as our elections close in. The upcoming election will most certainly show how, and into what, Sweden will develop in the future.

My guess is (unfortunatly) that Sweden will swing to the right. Our elections usually reflect the elections in the U.S. Unless the government in the U.S. really screw up, we too are going in the same direction. Not caring about the weakest in society has become fashion. Cutting down in Social services too. The health care system has been under attack ever since the late eighties. Not ot mention that even our social democratic leader has been collecting much of our country's powers into his own hands and surpressing opposition inside the party. I've been a social democrat most of my adult life but this development has made me look elsewhere. Unfortunately, going even further to the left is no option since the same development, the party leader surpressing opposition, has been taking place there.

Going to the right? Well, I might joke about it, but actually voting for anything further to the right than the social democrats? Nope, that won't happen. And that only leaves the greens, a delicate mix of communists, feminists, anarchists and right-wingers with an enviromental conscience. I would vote for them but some of their ideas, like raising gas-taxes, will only strike at those with low incomes who have to commute by car. It's quite easy to sit on a govermental position and decide things like that, with that income.

That only leaves me with the social democrats. Not much of a choice actually. Fortunatly, Goran Persson, our prime minister, will most likely retire this year. He can afford that. He's a millionaire married to a millionaire and having him as my representative doesn't feel quite right. I for one, won't mourn his departure from politics.

Christmas has left the building today. All decorations, the lights and the tree have now been put into their usual boxes and will not see the light of day until approximatly December 1st, 2006. Well, the tree will have to wait until December 23rd.

My brother, bless him, took both LazyWorm and RazorTongue to the movies today as, in the first case a birthday present and in the latter a very early birthday present. They went to see King Kong. The movie must have been really bad because none of the kids mentioned anything about it when they came back.


Piggy and Tazzy said...

Elections (and politics in general) bore me stupid.

It's not that ther's nothing of interest to them, it's more the fact that everything is a lie.

As always, they tell us anything we want to hear. When elected, they conveniently forget those promises.

Like you, I could NEVER lean to the right. Oh no! I equate the 'right' with loss of liberty, loss of services, cost-cutting of services to the more needy in society, imprisonment for those who disagree with policies (by way of new laws to control the population) and a whole range of other things I consider 'bad' for everyone except the rich and power hungry.

As for King Kong, we still haven't been to see it. I've heard mixed reviews and have kind of lost interest now.

PissedOffPencil said...

P & T: Yes, politics can be fucking boring, but only if you let it become boring. The biggest threat against democracy = easily digested mass-entertainment. People just don't care anymore. There's no action hero in politics, hence people don't care anymore.

And King Kong? A day later and the kids have only complained about the hard seats... and said nothing about the movie itself.