Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Today's Lucia-day. Our substitute for Thanksgiving.

Here are some pictures, and here and here. Just to give you some idea about it.

We eat "lussekatter", a nickname for "Lucia's cats". They don't look like cats, they look like yellow shit. However, they taste better than they look. And of course we eat gingerbread biscuits. And drink a lot of coffee.

A nice change, to all those young, blond, nit-witted model wanna-bees we've been seing in the papers for the last weeks, is Emmy Granberg, 99 years old (100 in February!) carrying her Lucia-crown.


Shark-fu said...

Oh, it looks so nice!

And a crown of candles...oh my, you wouldn't want to sneeze with that on!

It looks like a cool event...

and I agree...Emmy Granberg is very fetching!

Shark-fu said...

Can a bitch get a translation on the gingerbread biscuits? I can figure out the ingredients...mostly...but the what to do and when is beyond me!

Very cruel of you...showing us that yummy picture with no way to reproduce it!

thatfarmgirl said...

I like Emmy. I just saw a program about Lucia and the celebration, so this is timely! Thanks for sharing.

Virginia Gal said...

Happy Lucia day!

Francesca said...

I'm late, but Happy Lucia!

I've been meaning to write and tell you that a few days ago I was watching Martha Stewart on the telly and one of her guests was this soap opera actress (Melody Thomas Scott) and she was sharing how she celebrates Lucia and all of the customs. It was very interesting. Between your blog and her interview, it was the first time I had every heard of it.

Hope yours was great!