Sunday, November 13, 2005

Father's day & buying car

Today's Father's Day, another day that's invented by commercial forces. I don't particularly like this day, and Mother's Day, since there are so many kids living with just one parent and so many parents living without their offspring. In many cases because one of the parents behaves like an idiot.

Oh well, my kids (rather my wife) loves every opportunity to celebrate something so I had to pretend being asleep while they made breakfast. Then they came in and "woke me up" chanting "Happy Father's Day" and some presents: two chocolate bars, one big bar of marzipan (Anthon Berg, yummy), three pairs of socks and the latest edition of PC-Gamer, a computer-magazine. After hugs and kisses my Father's Day was over and elegantly transformed into the dredded Laundry Day.

And when the laundry's done, I'm going to take a look at a car (a VW Golf) that a friend of mine is willing to sell to me, for a reasonable price. IF I buy it, I will be owning four cars of which two have blown their head gaskets (a Nissan Sunny and a Ford Escort), one refuses to start (my beloved VW-bus) and one that hopefully will hold together until I've been able to fix the bus.

I don't care much for the Nissan. It's ugly and it's expensive to repair. If needed, I will GIVE it away to the first person showing an interest in it. The Ford is another matter. I bought it very cheap and it's a V.I.P. model. A car that's lovely to drive.

I'm in love with my VW-bus. This must have been the best multi-use car ever built. I can transport my whole family, move an apartement, rebuild it to a camper and it's old enough that spare parts are reasonably cheap and easy to find. It's got an automatic gearbox and 112 hp and I have only had to top up oil twice during almost two years of ownership. That's almost unbelievably good.


No VW Golf. The car wouldn't hold itself together over New Year's Eve. Instead I searched the net and found a Ford Scorpio 1987. The guy was pretty desperate so I got it rather cheap. I could have pressured him even more, but I got it for half the price he asked for. Which in my opinion was the reason noone had called on the ad for the last two months. I also felt a little bit sorry for him since he recently had been laid off from work.


ScandinavienNova said...

*I do hate these days, it brings so much pain into my DNA-copy.. BUT I am so happy for you, because your children really cares about you.. They are so beautiful all 4 of them :)

*You can give the car to me ;)

*Why the hell do you live in Bermuda? :-/

*How do you do so you can see when someone you are linking to has updated their blog?

*Finally.. Have a great day!


PissedOffPencil said...

You and your dna-copy were among those I was thinking about. :)

Come and get the car then. Bring a truck. A big one.

I don't live in Bermuda?

It's because I have an account at Blogrolling.

I had. Hope you had too. :)


ScandinavienNova said...

*I know you did. You have the greatest heart :)

*No, YOU can come to me with it.. I can give you a bun or two as thank's for the help ;)

*Yes, you DO live in damn Bermuda!

*Oki, I will get such account as well. Than's for the tip :)

*Nja.. My day was a bit discusting. Jag ÅT faktiskt virus igår, gissa om jag både var och är spyfärdig efter den historien *S*

Me said...

Yeah, my dad was always buying all kinds of cars, especially old Mercedes..our snooty neighbors would tell him he junked up the neighborhood and complain! hehe But he never liked the boring choice of just buying a new car and playing it safe! oh, men!!!

P.S. Happy Father's Day!

PissedOffPencil said...

I'm sorry it has taken me some time to get my shit together and actually answer...

Scandinavian Nova: I guess you ate some bread?

Evangelia: Your father and me would have got along real nice! :)
And thank you. :)