Saturday, August 27, 2005

The murder of Marcus

(Background: Marcus Gabrielsen (29) and a friend were on their way from work at a restaurant at approximately three o’clock in the morning. They saw a couple of men urinate in a gateway and Marcus pointed out to them that it was an inappropriate behaviour and that there was a McDonalds just around the corner.

The men started to chase Marcus, caught up with him and started the beating that, according to witnesses, contained several kicks karate-style against his head.

As the police and ambulance arrived, Marcus was rushed to hospital where doctors only could establish the fact that Marcus was beyond any kind of medical treatment, although they tried their best.

Marcus died two days later.)

Fucking spineless assholes…

Yes, that’s exactly what they are, the assholes that changed their testimonies regarding the beating and killing of Marcus Gabrielsen. Fucking cowards. Nothing else.

P.O.P wonders how they are going to live with themselves, knowing what cowards they are? Will their children be proud and appreciate the fact that their parents kept their mouth’s shut about the murder of Marcus?

In P.O.P’s opinion it’s clear as hell that this was at least manslaughter . If someone kicks another human being in their head so hard that it literally rips this persons neck apart, it’s a clear intention to kill.

Drunkenness is no excuse to having killed someone. If you fucking can’t drink alcohol without losing your grip, you shouldn’t fucking drink at all!

And the police? How did they act at the crime scene? Where they only interested in what the witnesses had to say? Was there even one single police officer that even thought of seizing the perpetrators shoes and pants at once?

(The only trace evidence that was collected was samples of the urine in the gateway. What does that prove? That the perpetrators peed in that particular gateway and not much else.)

There is no possibility, what so ever, that a person can kick someone in their head, repeatedly, without leaving any kind of trace, either on the victim or on themselves!

Skin residue, fibers, hair. Has the swedish police even heard of this kind of evidence? P.O.P. allows himself to doubt, remembering the prosecutor who claimed that there was no way to lift fingerprints or DNA from an envelope that was a couple of years old. The prosecutor referred to his education in this matter, an education that was completed in the Sixties, for God’s sake! Doesn’t further education apply to Swedish prosecutors???

Just a few days earlier we could read about several cases in the USA that had been solved thanks to fingerprints and/or DNA on envelopes and letters. Some of these cases where more than thirty years old!

Back to Marcus and his killers. P.O.P. did not know Marcus but he also knows that Marcus isn’t the last victim of testosterone-filled drunken cowardly assholes and their likes.

If P.O.P. was in charge, Sweden would introduce, like some states in the USA, a kind of “three-strikes-out� model. Anyone who commits a crime should know that he get’s three chances. At the third conviction there will be a long trip to jail, regardless of the crime.

P.O.P is rather convinced that Marcus’s murderers, considering the cowards they are, would think twice before beating the life out of someone.

And what about the commotion in the court room? How the fuck can anyone be so cold and lack so much respect to the victims parents that they whistle and cheer that the assholes that earlier actually admitted that they’ve beaten someone to death, got of the hook, in the same room that the parents were sitting? How fucking stupid can a person be? P.O.P wishes that that kind of behaviour was a crime itself…

(In the initial questionings the perpetrators admitted that they had beaten Marcus. Several of the witnesses identified the suspects and gave clear testimonies of what happened. It seemed to be a clear case.

At the trial, the perpetrators suddenly were hit by a convenient memory loss, reffering to their drunkenness. Not an uncommon defense, I might ad.

What really pisses me off is that the same thing happened to the witnesses. They suddenly only remembered everything before and everything after the beating but not the beating itself.

So, they got away with murder. There was no hard evidence that put them on the crime scene, except for the urine in the gateway.

Marcus died and no one gets convicted because “they were drunk�. That really pisses me off.)

Many of the witnesses were acquainted with the suspects and that tells me everything I need to know about the morals and ethics among this bunch of assholes.

(I feel that I have to clear up a few things. In Sweden, it has earlier been impossible to convict more than one person for someone’s death. If two assholes killed someone, it had to be absolutely clear which of the assholes that took that final step that led to the death of their victim.

That changed a few years ago, as two policemen were killed by three bankrobbers outside the small town Malexander. These later on claimed that one of the others did the killing and it looked as if they would get of the hook.

The court then decided that a “group conviction� was the way to go and the killers were, at last, convicted.

And now the odd bit: Why wasn’t this done in Marcus’s case? Why are three assholes on the lose, together with their friends, laughing at the swedish judicial system?)


thatfarmgirl said...

That is positively sickening (what happened to Marcus AND the way it is being handled by the police). God rest his soul.